Why you should have a bucket list

Why you should have a bucket list

Did you ever asked yourself how to live your life to the fullest? Or have you ever wondered what would you be thinking right now if tomorrow is gonna be your last day in earth?

You’ll probably start thinking about your past, the people that mattered to you and the things that you’ve missed to do while you’re still able.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start having a bucket list.

1. A bucket list will give you a sense of Purpose

Having a list of things that you wanted to do will give you some goals to pursue on. It will help you grow in life and get you out of being stagnant.

2. A Bucket list will soon reward you with feeling of fulfillment

When you achieve something you planned or pursued, it is more fulfilling than things that just happen agreeing with your situation.

For instance, if you endured several months not partying with your friend to save up money or worked countless hours to grow your business to earn your first Million, you’ll definitely feel satisfied and great for your achievement when it happens.

3. A Bucket List will help you prioritize things

Without something to pursue on, we are like somebody who’s been running and running and yet don’t know where he is going.

A bucket list will give us a clear goal therefore we know what to prioritize in life.

For instance, if one of your bucket list includes you to be able to communicate well in mandarin, you’ll probably not want to spend your time studying Spanish because it won’t help you to speak mandarin.

4. A bucket list will give you a sense of Urgency

If you think you’re stuck in life or feel nothing is happening right or wrong at your work, relationship, and all aspects of your life then a bucket list might bring out that fire within you. It will remind you that you that you have a limited number of days here on earth and you should start doing something meaningful in your life. Probably something that really matter to you.

5. A Bucket List will answer the question how to live life to the fullest

We are not designed like robots that follow only strict rules or codes. We are given freewill by God to choose what we want to pursue on so we can’t blame God for being broke if all we do is to sit and watch tv shows at home all year.

A bucket list can be just a list of things that we want to achieve or experience written in a piece of paper. It can also be just a list of things that we wanted to do before you die. And when we do achieve them, we might be able to say one day that we have lived a life well lived.


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