Why are Goals so important in achieving almost anything?

Why are Goals so important in achieving almost anything?

Did you ever wanted to achieve something in your life yet for an unknowing reason you just can’t achieve it?

The reason could be because your goal is not amplified as you don’t really have a clarity on what you really wanted to achieve.

Having a clear goal is not just simply thinking about getting a car, a nice house or having a pretty girlfriend and yet doing nothing to achieve it.

But how really important goals are? Goals are milestones for us to achieve our dreams. For instance for me, my dream was to have a happier life and that I and my future family will no longer have to worry about money. My goals then are to make profitable investments, to make more money so that in the future I can spend more time with my future family being happy. 

You may have heard this before but a goal to be achieve has to be a SMART goal.

A smart goal has to be;

  • Specific which means it is detailed.
  • Measurable, meaning it can be quantified.
  • Achievable means you have the capability to achieve it.
  • Relevant means the goal has to make sense. (Example of irrelevant goal is wanting to install aircon in your bedroom but never wanting to use it.)
  • Time-bounded. Which means 

This is how goal is supposed to be planned, however inorder to achieve it, the goal has to be a SMARTER goal.

A Smarter goal adds,

  • Evaluate
  • Re-adjust

Let’s set an example.

Suppose I want a goal of buying a brand new Mazda 5 car next month, in cash, which cost ₱ 2 Million pesos. I have a salary of ₱ 50,000 pesos monthly and I have a savings of ₱ 200,000. Let us check whether this goal fits the SMART goal.

  • SPECIFIC – Yes it’s specific as it indicated clearly Mazda 5
  • MEASURABLE – Yes it is something that can be quantified
  • ACHIEVABLE – No it isn’t realistic to achieve this goal next month and pay in cash as I only have ₱ 200+k money by next month.
  • RELEVANT – Yes, this goal is relevant for me because I need the car.
  • TIME-BOUNDED – Yes, there is a deadline which is next month

As you can see, my goal is not a smart goal because it’s unrealistic to achieve it next month. To make it realistic, I can borrow money or extend my deadline. So instead of buying it in cash next month, if I really want to pay it in cash, I can extend it to probably 5 years from now so that i can have the time to save for it.



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