Some things are not worth wishing for

Some things are not worth wishing for
Hope message on the beach sand.

Did you know that if you keep on imagining and creating scenarios in your brain, you’re probably trapped in a fantasy world of your own mind creation?

One of the greatest mistakes that people generally make is hopeful thinking. We hope something be true even if there is slightest possibilities. And the danger to that is that we neglect to recognise the real things that are happening around us and miss opportunities because of the things that we wish and hope to be true.

According to Napoleon Hill, whatever the mind can perceive and believe, the mind can achieve. While there’s a truth in it, it’s not always the case. If you fish in the wrong side of the river, regardless how patient, hard-working and dedicated you may be, it will never materialize.

So focus on what you can get not what you wish that you can get. Focus on what you can achieve not on the things you wish you can achieve. Focus on what’s already there and not for people of things that you wish to have in your life. Because if you don’t they might be gone and your opportunities are also gone.


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