Things that could be making you Unhappy

Things that could be making you Unhappy

Have you ever wondered why you’re unhappy? Or sometimes you felt like your life is a mess and you’re a loser? There could be habits that contributes to what makes our life unhappy. Here are some list of reasons.

1. You Keep Complaining

If you keep complaining or gets annoyed even to the smallest things in the world, then you probably have a problem. If you complain that the sun is hot, the rain won’t stop, the bus takes long, or whatever it is, then goodluck to you. If you don’t change this behaviour then you have a sad ugly you waiting for you in the future to greet you sadly. But if you want a better you, start now to remind yourself whenever you feel like you want to complain again.

2. You Get Angry at Anything

If even the smallest things will annoy you, then better watch out. You may need to take an anger management course. For instance, you saw an ant climbing at the gate of your house and you went in to beat your maid for not cleaning and watching over an ant invasion into your house then you have a sickness. Or when a waiter delivered the cup of cappuccino in your table and the hearty shape isn’t just as perfect as you’ve expected so you yelled at him and threatened to humiliate that bastard, then you are the sick bastard with a psycho problem.

If yelling or getting angry even without verifying things sounds familiar to you then you need to be careful. Sometimes this happens because we have insecurities and even I have too. For instance we get angry at work or at home to show our power, our authority. We get angry with our boyfriend or girlfriend because we seek importance and affirmation or approval.

3. Blame Anybody but You

Blame the Government, God or your dog for anything but you. You deny anything that you are being accused at whether it’s true or not. You cover lies with another lie and then other lies to cover up the old lies. If you do this, you may never be fully free within.

4. You are insecure

Many of us are just so needy of other people’s approval that we do crazy things. For instance, girls go for so much painful surgeries to get beautiful because they believe that when they remove the mole in their chin, they will look beautiful and people will approve of them. Or buy so many bags or clothes to impress other girls.

Same with us guys, many of us get into debt just to buy a nice car and showcase to our friends, or get a tattoo or whatever crazy things we do to impress girls or other people in hope that we become cool and likable.

I know our insecurities are sometimes good because it pushes us to do more and aspire, but if we still do things for the wrongs reasons then it may just add up to our being unhappy especially if we fail along the way.

6. You Just don’t smile

You just don’t smile. And you just feel like you want the world to know that you are broken hearted, your pet died or you’re just unhappy about anything else.

Nobody likes a frowning face. You have problems and I get that, we get that, and the world gets that but you don’t have to be so selfish and ignore people around you.

Everything is not all about you. If you’re sad that your crush didn’t like you, somebody else out there is broken hearted from a very long relationship.

If you’re sad that you’ve been broken hearted, there are people out there who didn’t even experience getting into a relationship.

If you’re a 35 years old and still single, hey there are 75 years old virgin fighting for their lives right now.

Be grateful of what you have and what you had. Cherish good memories and move forward from what is lost whether it’s a relationship, a job or lose opportunities that you missed or did it wrongly.

7. You maybe overthinking

Thinking exceedingly comes with a price of being stressed out. Do not create stories in your head especially in your relationships with other people.

Do not assume that your girlfriend or your boyfriend is having an affair even if you know that he or she’s at his or her dad fishing in the lake.

And never create stories in your brain that makes you angry. If you fantasise of great things in your life or happy life with your partner then this is the opposite. fantasising negatively is overthinking.

I wish that you and me have a happier life and to do that, we need a plan. Starting today, why not you and me get back here 1 year later and tell us what have we accomplished so far.

I know there are other things that may affect us to be unhappy and if you know some, let us know from the comment section below.


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