How pressure help us accomplish tasks even if we don’t like it

How pressure help us accomplish tasks even if we don’t like it

Have you ever wondered why sometimes at work, even if you are so stressed up to the point that you complain, you still achieve what is required to be done? It could be paper works that you needed to submit or a project that you needed to complete near a deadline.

It is actually the pressure that makes us do things over a given period of time regardless we like it or not. Imagine if at work there are no deadlines do you think employees will ever finish their works? Or at school grades doesn’t matter, do you think students will have to learn?

Pressure is what pushes us to do things but what really makes up pressure?

According to physics, Pressure is the force exerted over the area of an object. Similarly in life, Force are the consequences and we are the area that the force are being exerted on or hit. And when we are hit by consequences, we are pressured and therefore we react, we do the necessary things to relieve the consequences therefore easing the pressures in our shoulders.

To give a clearer example, what makes a 30 years old girl so pressured to get married so soon? Isn’t it the consequences that she might not be able to get pregnant if she marry too old or she’ll get old and feel no longer pretty to be liked by a guy?

The consequences of losing business creates pressure that pushes companies to become bigger than they ever though about it. Consequences creates pressure that pushes some people to overcome themselves and grow tall in their lives.

Life is full pressure and we should embrace them. Without pressure, life is literally meaningless and empty. Even death creates pressure that forces us to to grow in our faith as a consequence of ending up in hell.

At the end of the day, pressure pushes us to grow and progress.


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