5 Reason why we should Reflect

5 Reason why we should Reflect

Reflecting is a way for us to look at our lives and have an overview of what really happened in the past and to see how we should design our future. Here are 5 reasons why we should regularly reflect.

1. It Gives us Understanding About Our Past

There could be things happening in our lives that we did not anticipate or we could not understand. We could be even wondering why we are where we are right now and we are stuck with questioning ourselves what has happened to us. Giving a glimpse of the past could answer some questions. Seeing how we lived our lives from the past and the decisions we made can help us answer some of our questions.

2. It helps us bring closure to bitterness from the past

There are some of us who harbor negative emotions from the past and yet tried to ignore it and pretend such occurrence didn’t exist. It could be some bad experiences from a relationship, a missed opportunity or other things that broke us yet we refuse to face it.

These are actually toxic feelings that are stressing us within and the more we ignore and pretend it didn’t exist the more we are hurting ourselves and people around us. These feelings are like snowballs that the longer they roll, the bigger they get and if we don’t face and stop it, we may just be buried by it.

Reflecting gives us a chance to face it, get hurt about it and even cry about it but at the end of the day it gives us the chance to think about it and decide what is the best way that we can do about it. If we really want to be free, it should start being free within.

3. Makes us realize to prioritize important things

Looking back into the past gives us a sense of what we have accomplished so far until now. It raises the question whether we wasted our lives doing certain things or wasted our time in unimportant ones.

Reflecting will help us see through all these things and therefore helps us rethink our ways of doing things. Whether we continue doing the things we are doing or we set out priorities and start living doing the things we really wanted

4. Motivates us to do more

After we reflect, some of us may realize that they are near the end of the road in their journey here on earth. Other may start to feel that halfway their lives are wasted, and therefore it raises another question, “what would you do with the remaining days of your life?”

If next month or by the end of this year we know that we are gonna die, how will we live our lives? By reflecting, we can set things straight in our lives and do the things that will mark our legacy.

5. Gives us freedom to design our future

For Someone who survived a hundred years and somebody who died at the age of 25, there is really not much of a difference in the eyes of God. How we lived our lives matter. If we leave a life well lived then it’s a life fulfilled.

Ask ourselves, the things that we keep doing right now, do they really matter? If your answer is no then i think probably now is the right time for you to start your first steps towards something meaningful.

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