Overcoming loneliness during Lockdown

Overcoming loneliness during Lockdown
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Netflix, youtube or tiktok during this covid-19 lock-down can only do so much to keep you entertained but eventually some of us may found themselves getting lonely. Especially if you stay alone in your house, you could be vulnerable to losing sanity. Why? Because when we get to b alone, we can come to a point wherein we realize and internalize things that we normally don’t during our normal daily previous routines.

What do I mean by realize and internalize? Getting to be alone with just by yourself gives you time to realize about your life. And when you realize that you probably don’t have much close friends to talk to or you don’t have close relationships to people who matter to you, you may feel certain sadness inside you.

There are several other factors that could trigger you to feel lonely. You could probably just have realized that you’re 35 years old with no house, no car, no job or hated your job, single and still virgin. I think the ultimate saddest life is probably being broke, sick, stupid and have nobody. But unless you’re ugly then that’s probably higher than ultimate sad life. I’m just kidding! 😂 Everyone of us are unique in different ways.

Life could become more challenging to face once a person realizes that he or she could have been better in the past and that could certainly add up to feeling of sadness. However, the good thing though when we come to a point of realization is that it gives us a chance to do better in the future. Some may call this as part of maturity.

Life is a series of challenges and being sad sometimes is a part of it, and for us to truly grow we should embrace it instead of avoiding it or for some getting drown in it.

Goodluck to you, and may God bless you with more happiness in your life!


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